Midstate Machine Capabilities

A Better Direction To Lean

We believe your business is only as strong as your weakest link—that’s why Midstate Machine is dedicated to improving the strength of your supply chain and end-to-end manufacturing process. For more than 6 decades, we’ve focused on developing smarter, more cost-effective, lean approaches to manufacturing, providing the highest-quality turnkey solutions delivered on time, every time.

We leverage extensive experience, along with our insights on lean manufacturing, to evaluate your current manufacturing approach, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to improve the overall process. In addition, we offer the full spectrum of capabilities—from concurrent engineering and supply chain management to assembly and testing—to ensure your critical components are delivered on time and ready to go.  

With our vast resources—including 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a network of leading supply, finishing, and testing companies—we develop and execute manufacturing processes that minimize engineering and machining steps, waste materials, cost, and time-to-delivery.