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Accept Nothing Less Than Perfection

In these industries, component failure is not an option. And for more than 5 decades, Midstate Machine has proven we can step up to that challenge, providing end-to-end solutions for some of the nation’s leading corporations and government agencies. Our lean manufacturing approach is focused on delivering precision, high-quality components and assemblies to the aerospace, defense, powergen, and oil & gas markets. Our mission is to support our customers’ missions, with seamlessly integrated, turnkey solutions that minimize steps, waste materials, cost, and time-to-delivery.

Aerospace: Manufacturing of components for rotary wing aircrafts, including bifilers and engine supports, as well as engine housings and nacelle hinges for fixed wing aircrafts.

Defense: Manufacturing of gas turbine components, including air diffuser and stage shroud assemblies, as well as rotary actuator assemblies for tanks.

Powergen: Manufacturing of industrial gas turbine components, including compressor shafts, diaphragm assemblies, nozzles, and shrouds. We are also capable of manufacturing main shafts and wind hubs for wind turbines.

Oil & Gas: Manufacturing of refrigeration and screw compressor housings.

Precision in Practice

An employee sets up gauge for precision inspection of critical diameters

As part of our comprehensive service, raw materials for customers' components are inventoried and managed onsite

This CNC, multi-axis milling center is just one of more than 100 CNC, multi-axis technologies at our disposal

A component is prepared for work in a CNC 5-axis machining center

Real-time CNC programming optimization on the shop floor helps us ensure quality, precision, and cost efficiency

Visual displays indicate performance levels of key processes

Daily GEMBA board reviews like this one are integral to ensuring active lean management

Portable CNC inspection equipment technology allows thie team member to easily verify part geometry on the machine

Our dedicated engineering service supports the development of our customers' products

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