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Business Description

  • Norsk Titanium (“NTi”) is a leading additive manufacturer of aerospace-grade titanium structural components for commercial and defense aerospace applications – Ti64 

  • NTi has developed a proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition (“RPD”) technology to produce near-net-shape titanium components that replace forgings

  • Current customers include major Airframe OEM’s

  • NTi is headquartered in Norway and is developing the world’s first industrial-scale RPD manufacturing facility in the USA

Alliance Benefits

  • In March 2016, Insight Equity/Precision Holdings entered into a strategic partnership with, NTi

  • Our strategic partnership allows us for:

    • Machining of NTi’ s total global needs

    • Access to printed NTi material which PH will sell into any end market to complement its existing product offerings

  • Ability for Norsk and PH to offer the AM market a full range of capability for small, medium and large components


Process Overview

Rapid Plasma.png
Near Seat.jpg
Post Processing.jpg
Finished components.jpg

Titanium Wire

Rapid Plasma Deposition (“RPD”)

Following a CAD design, the plasma torches melt the wire in a predefined pattern, building components by layer

Near Net Shape

A near-net-shape component is manufactured


Rough machining and non-destructive testing occurs. Finally, precision machining completes the manufacturing process

Finished Component

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