Grey Garage Door


Grey Garage Door

Midstate Machine - Cincinati, OH

A Precision Holdings Company

75K sq ft | 70 Employees


Capabilities: CNC Machining, Welding, Stress relieve, CMM and NDT 

End markets: Aerospace, Power Generation and Construction / Mining Equipment

Midstate Machine - Winslow, ME

A Precision Holdings Company

125K sq ft | 120 Employees

Capabilities: CNC Machining, Welding/Cladding, EDM, CMM and NDT Capabilities

End Markets: Defense, Aerospace, and Power Generation

Rapid Plasma Deposition

Norsk Titanium - Plattsburgh, NY

*Strategic Partnership with Precision Holdings Company

(2) Rooftops  

Materials Ti64 (Target: Inco718)  


Expected capacity: 156K sq. ft. | 35+ RPD machines


End markets: Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas

Global Partnerships

Strategic partnerships to utilize low cost engineering production support with current locations in India, Singapore, Malaysia and developing potential opportunities in Vietnam which creates a “Global Aerospace Ecosystem”.  

Midstate Machine a Division of Precision Holdings | 2020

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